Processing of cables

With the help of a separation device we can process various types of cables and then sort out non-ferrous metals (Cu, Al) from plastics, rubber, silicone, textiles and iron.

Purchase, processing and sale of non-ferrous metals

We trade in non-ferrous metals and prepare their delivery for further processing.

Transformer steel

Purchase and sale of transformer steel.
We provide supplies of transformer steel based on customer requirements:
- recycled transformer steel,
- new transformer steel (with guaranteed parameters).

Trading in deoxidizing additives

We provide supplies of deoxidizing additives for metallurgical companies:
- granules,
- dripping additives,
- deoxidizing pyramids,
- deoxidizing hemispheres,
- deoxidation briquettes (recycled),
- mechanically processed granules (recycled).

Production of deoxidizing additives

We produce deoxidizing additives tailored to the customer requirements:
- regarding the shape,
-regarding the chemical composition,
- regarding the strength.